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On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the Joint meeting of the Polish and Scandinavian-Nordic Sections of the Combustion Institute, I sincerely invite you to Krakow.

​Two days meeting will be organized by AGH University of Science and Technology: Centre of Energy and Faculty of Metals Engineering and Industrial Computer Science. Various  aspects of combustion science and technology will be discussed  by scientists and engineers from fundamental physical and chemical processes to applications, including chemical kinetics, laminar and  turbulent flames, combustion diagnostics, coal and alternative fuels combustion, spray and droplet combustion, fires,    detonations and explosions, materials synthesis, engine combustion and energy systems.


During the conference the memory of Professor Stanisław Słupek will take place.


I am looking forward to seeing you in Krakow. I hope that you will leave this place enriched not only with knowledge, but also with many beautiful memories.

Prof. Wojciech Nowak

Chair of the PSN2018 Conference





  • Anders Brink − Abo Academi University, Finland

  • Tomasz Czakiert − Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

  • Tomasz Dobski Poznan University of Technology, Poland

  • Artur Gutkowski − Lodz University of Technology, Poland

  • Jacek Eliasz − West Pomeranian University of Technology Szczecin, Poland

  • Peter Arendt Jensen − Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  • Alexander Konnov − Lund University, Sweden

  • Tian Li − Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

  • Terese Løvås − Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Norway

  • Halina Pawlak-Kruczek − Wroclaw University of Technology, Poland

  • Małgorzata Pilawska − Cracow University of Technology, Poland

  • Andrzej Szlęk − Silesian University of Technology, Poland

  • Tadeusz Telejko − AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

  • Andrzej Teodorczyk − Warsaw University of Technology, Poland

  • Henrik Thunman − Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

  • Artur Tyliszczak − Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland

  • Marek Ściążko − AGH University of Science and Technology, Poland

  • Krzysztof Wisłocki − Poznan University of Technology, Poland

  • Knut Vågsæthe − University of South-Eastern Norway, Norway

  • Hao Wu − Technical University of Denmark, Denmark

  • Patrik Yrjas − Abo Academi University, Finland

  • Monika Zajemska − Czestochowa University of Technology, Poland



  • Wojciech Nowak Chair of the Conference

  • Aneta Magdziarz Co-chair

  • Terese Løvås Co-chair  

  • Peter Arndt Jensen

  • Tian Li

  • Agata Mlonka-Mędrala

  • Sebastian Werle

  • Małgorzata Wilk



Scientists and PhD students are invited to submit contributions on all aspects of combustion science and technology.


Planned colloquia include:

  1. Chemical kinetics and soot

  2. Laminar and turbulent flames

  3. Spray and droplets/diagnostics

  4. Coal and biomass

  5. Flares, detonations and autoigntion

  6. Engines and Energy Systems

  7. Emission control and CO2 mitigation

  8. Ash management and other residues

  9. Combustion process modelling and optimization

For any information or questions please contact us via

During the meeting the Polish Combustion Institute will have a memory of Professor Stanisław Słupek, who created the combustion section at AGH.


Professor Stanisław Słupek (1938-2006) graduated from Faculty of Metallurgy, AGH University of Science and Technology in 1962. He gained the full professor title in 1994. His scientific activity concerned the combustion of fuels and the pollution of environment resulted from these processes. He was a well known expert in combustion science and waste utilisation and the pioneer of national research on the formation and reduction of harmful pollutants in power and metallurgy industries. He was an author and co-author of scientific papers and books, he supervised 10 PhD theses. He was also a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and The International Flame Research Foundation as well as Committee for Scientific Research.  

He was a vice-dean of Faculty of Metallurgy, AGH (1978-1981), a head of Department of Thermal Technology and Environmental Protection in AGH (1991-2006) and also a head of the Department of Industrial Furnaces and Environmental Protection at the Faculty of Process, Materials and Applied Engineering, Częstochowa University of Technology (1997-2006). He created and was a head of School of Energy at AGH.



Alexander A. Konnov, Lund University, Sweden 

Flame propagation: experiments vs. kinetic modelling”

Alexander A. Konnov has got his M.Sc. degree in Physics at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology in 1981 and his PhD in Physics and Mathematics at the Institute of Chemical Physics, USSR Academy of Sciences in 1985.  Since then he worked in Kazakhstan, France, Belgium and Netherlands.  His main scientific background is in experimental investigation and modeling of NOx in industrial flames, as well as in development and validation of detailed reaction mechanisms for combustion modeling.  Alexander A. Konnov is since 2009 professor at the Division of Combustion Physics, Lund University, Sweden. His scientific activities cover fundamental research in combustion of conventional fuels and of bio-fuels, burning velocities and dynamics of laminar flames, development of predictive models for NOx and other pollutants formation based on detailed reaction mechanisms.

David Pallarès, Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden

"Modeling of Large-Scale Fluidized Bed Units”

David Pallarès has got his MSc degree in Energy Technology at Politechnical University of Catalonia in 1998 after which he worked in the energy industry in Spain. He obtained his PhD in Energy Technology at Chalmers University of Technology in 2008. His research focuses in the modeling of large-scale fluidized bed units, which are used in several energy-related processes, e.g. combustion (air-fired, oxy-fired, chemical looping, oxygen carrier-aided), gasification (direct, indirect) or CO2 capture. Experimental work - including development of new experimental techniques - is an essential part of his activities, since this is used for the development and validation of the modeling. Thus, he is active in several of the research groups within the Division of Energy Technology. The goal of his research is to assess the design, scale-up and performance of fluidized-bed processes, with special attention paid to the use of non-fossil fuels.

Janusz Koziński, York University, Canada

"Igniting flames in space”

Janusz Koziński has enjoyed a distinguished academic career in leading institutions in the USA, Europe, and Canada. He is an internationally-renowned higher education leader, researcher and entrepreneur, and one of the world’s most widely acknowledged experts in sustainable energy systems and immune building concepts applied to public safety and security.

Educated in Kraków, Poland, he subsequently attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and spent much of his academic career at McGill University where he was Associate Vice-Principal for Research & International Relations. He was Founding Dean of the Lassonde School of Engineering in Toronto. This $250 million initiative has created a new Renaissance Engineering™ program, hired 100 new faculty and staff, and expanded the student body by 2500.

Currently, he serves as Founding President of a new University in Hereford, which is one of the most ambitious new ventures in British higher education.

Tomasz Chmielniak, AGH University of Science and Technology

in Krakow, Poland

"Coal gasification for efficient chemical and power production”

Tomasz Chmielniak was graduated from the Faculty of Environmental Engineering of the Silesian University of Technology. In 1998, he was awarded a Doctor of Technical Sciences degree. In 2015 he obtained the degree of habilitation and the position of professor in Institute for Chemical Processing of Coal, Zabrze Poland.

Since 2017, he has been working also in AGH University of Science and Technology, leading lecture relating to solid fuels gasification processes. He was a leader of 17 international and national research projects (12 in industrial cooperation).

Tomasz Chmielniak scientific fields of interest include solid fuels conversion processes: gasification and pyrolysis of coal and biomass. He works in process modeling of gasification technologies integrated with power and chemical production. He's research interest covers also environmental issues, including mercury emission reduction (pre combustion mercury removal from coal).

Iskender Gökalp, ICARE-CNRS, France

"A review of some strategies to increase the safety of hydrogen as an energy vector"

İskender Gökalp is a research director of the French CNRS. He received his Aeronautical Engineering degree from the Istanbul Technical University (1974) and a PhD on Combustion (1981) from Paris VI University. He joined the CNRS in 1983. In 2003 he became the Director of the Laboratory of Combustion and Reactive Systems (LCSR) of the CNRS in Orleans. In 2007, he founded the Institute on Combustion, Aerothermal Sciences, Reactivity and Environment (ICARE) of the CNRS also in Orléans and was its Director until 2016. In 2011, he founded the French Centre of Excellence on Chemical Kinetics and Aerothermodynamics of Clean and Safe Energy and Propulsion Systems (CAPRYSSES); he directed this Center until 2016. His main research domains concern chemical energy conversion for energy generation and propulsion. He is the author of more than 170 publications referred in the WEB of Science and has an H-Index of 29. He supervised 70 PhDs in combustion and related domains at the University of Orléans. He had several national and international responsibilities, such as President of the Federation of the European Sections of the Combustion Institute (2001-2014) and member of the International Combustion Institute Board (2002-2014). He was the Principal investigator of several research programs on combustion and propulsion with various industrial partners.  He received the French distinction "Chevalier des Palmes Académiques and he is a Fellow of the International Combustion Institute.



The Programme Schedule can be downloaded here:



The meeting will take place in Krakow, Poland at AGH University of Science and Technology (, the biggest Technical University in Poland. The university is situated centrally in Krakow, only 1,5 km form the Main Square.

The Center of Energy ( is located in the middle part of the University Campus. Please notice that, the entrance is from the Campus site only – please see the Campus Map below. Lunch will be provided at the venue.

Center of Energy

36, Czarnowiejska Str.

30-059 Krakow


Conference dinner will be hold close to the Venue, on the AGH University of Science and Technology Campus site.


4, Witolda Budryka

30-072 Kraków








The registration fee covers the participation in the technical sessions, the printed booklet, lunches, coffee breaks and the conference dinner. Click the buton below to register.


According to effective GDPR rules and regulations, we want to guarantee that your personal data will be used only for necessity of PSN2018 conference. Organizing Committee will never share your data with third parties or distribute participant lists to anyone.


Authors are requested to submit extended abstracts of two pages maximum length by 25 May 2018. The abstracts should be send by email to Authors are requested to indicate the colloquium (panel). The abstract template can be downloaded here.


  • Registration up to                           10 June 2018 (EXTENDED)

  • Abstract submission up to             10 June 2018 (EXTENDED)

  • Notification of acceptance up to    20 June 2018

  • Payment up to                                  12 July 2018 (EXTENDED)


(Including: lectures, conference materials: “Book of Abstracts”, conference dinner, lunches, coffee breaks)

  • Participant                                              1100 PLN

  • Participant - member of PSCI*             800 PLN

  • PhD Student                                           800 PLN

  • PhD Student - member of PSCI*          600 PLN

  • Payment in Euro

  • Participant                                              270 Euro

  • PhD Student                                           200 Euro

*PSCI – Polish Section of Combustion Institute (


Payment must be made on:

Fundacja Studentow i Absolwentow AGH w Krakowie “ACADEMICA”

ul. Rostafińskiego 10,

30-072 Krakow

For domestic payments: 11 1240 4533 1111 0010 2978 5411

For international payments: PL 11 1240 4533 1111 0010 2978 5411


in the title of a transfer add "PSN2018 and a participant's name"


Please note, we expect Krakow to be very busy in September 2018, so early accommodations booking is recommended. Be aware of the fact that Krakow during September is frequently visited by tourists. Rooms may not be available to book at the conference rate after June.


3-stars hotels (walking distance):

Higher standard hotels (1 km distance from AGH, booking by yourselves):

Additionally there are plenty of hotels around the Main Square, which are not far away  (0,5 -1,5 km from AGH).

If you need any help please do not hesitate contact with Organizing Committee.



Organizing Committee

AGH University of Science and Technology in Krakow

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